I would like to say how grateful I am for this company, initially I wasn’t planning on having a baby shower for my newborn daughter but I seen an ad in a group that the owner and I both are affiliated with for a chance to win a FREE! babyshower, A good amount of people had already applied, so I was thinking to myself what are the chances of me winning… But I kept getting this nagging feeling to try my luck, so I did! And what do you know, I picked the lucky number and I was the winner of the drawing. The owner Philicia contacted me expeditiously and basically asked me,When did I want to have my shower and what was the theme that I wanted to go with… Over the 2 months time period that we had before the big day Philicia made sure she contacted every step of the way to reassure me that she was on top of everything… From the decoration, to the vending area and the food!!! It all seemed too good to be true!!! As timed rolled around and it was time for the BIG DAY! I just knew I was going too get a phone call saying something fell through, but that call never came! When I arrived everything was just so PERFECT AND BEAUTIFUL!!! Philicia and her team did an ABSOLUTELY AMAZING JOB!!! It was More! Then what I expected even the aura in the room was very loving and peaceful I must say they did there thing!!!! In addition to everything else the food was wonderful and fancy you would have thought I paid hundreds for my baby shower, I will be forever grateful for these people that truly made my baby shower a wonderful event! I would definitely recommend Ezpz affordable events for any upcoming party,planning events!

P.s If I didn’t already mention the owners are very humble and down to earth!